Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oil Based Paint Markers on Plastic

Fancy up and personalize plastic storage drawers using oil based paint markers!

Sharpie paint markers on plastic drawers

We're prepping for summer camp and my girls asked for plastic storage drawers this year.  I added some fun, colorful designs with Sharpie paint markers to personalize the drawers.

Sharpie paint markers

I picked up these reasonably priced oil based paint markers at Michaels.  There are lots of colors available in single packs or multi pack and you can use them on virtually any surface including metal, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, stone and more.

Sharpie paint markers on plastic drawers

As you can see the results on plastic are amazing.  The color is opaque and glossy, the paint marker doesn't run or drip and it dries within seconds.

In fact I had so much fun decorating these plastic bins I found myself searching the house for more items where I could use these permanent paint markers.

Sharpie paint markers on plastic drawers

Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY Vanity for Wall Mount Sink

diy vanity for wall mounted sink

Today I'm sharing my vanity built to fit around this wall mount sink and I have the free plans available down below.

This is why I DIY friends.  

No where on earth could you purchase this vanity, it's custom and I'm super proud to say I built for my home.  

We recently renovated the master bathroom and installed this wall mounted sink that I found headed to the junk pile.  Immediately I knew I would be building some sort of vanity to hide the plumbing, provide storage and counter space.  This piece fits all those criteria and gives the sink a home. 

diy vanity for wall mounted sink

Behind those closed doors is the ugliest trap pipe you've ever seen, it's essential to this sink and provides additional support to the wall cleat.  Short of asking my plumber to reinvent the trap we opted to keep the trap (it's actually a new trap I replaced from the original) also we have water lines in the floor because there was no option to get them in the wall.  In light of all this I had to build a piece to cover this hot mess but still have access to the plumbing lines.

wall mounted cast iron sink

You don't really want all those pipes visible in your beautiful new bathroom.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Outdoor Bar / Potting Bench

diy outdoor bar potting bench

This monstrosity of an outdoor bar or potting bench is one of my favorite builds ever but it has a bit of a sad story.  I am sharing the free plans to build this piece complete with a cooler compartment down below but first a little explanation.

My friend Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone had sent me a sketch asking if I would be interested in building this outdoor bar potting bench piece for under her back steps:

Brooklyn Limestone potting bench sketch

Yes of course I'm always happy to build custom for friends.  We settled on the plan details and I got to work.  You can see from her sketch I had to lop off the left top corner at an angle to fit under her stairs but the plans below have the shelves going straight across.

diy potting bench outdoor bar

Friday, May 20, 2016

Buffalo Check Painted Walls

diy buffalo check painted walls

I took a giant leap and painted the master bathroom walls a large navy and white buffalo check pattern.  Thank you to all my Instagram friends for encouraging me along the way, I questioned my decision mid-way through the process but your positive feedback helped me finished the job.  Today I'm sharing exactly how to achieve this painted buffalo check pattern.

diy buffalo check painted walls

This is a 4" buffalo check pattern with a white board and batten treatment on the lower half of the walls.  It's definitely a statement wall treatment and I'm totally smitten with the results.

We completely gutted the master bathroom and removed a closet to make a big stall shower.  Originally the bathroom was very small and tight with a bathtub and an unusable shower because the pipe was leaking at the diverter.  What good is a master bathroom if you can't shower?

master bathroom before and after

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DIY Critter Plant Stakes

diy critter plant stakes

Making critters today and these are the kind of critters you'll want to keep around - critter plant stakes.

Pretty Handy Girl contributor

All the details including step by step instructions to make critter plant stakes are over at Pretty Handy Girl.  Grab all those spare wood parts and pieces and let's see what critters you make.

diy critter plant stakes


How about a place to put those critters?  I've got a few outdoor planter building project ideas you could try, like this star planter:

diy star planter

Or this $10 fence picket planter, nice a tall planter where you need some height:

tall cedar fence picket planter

My favorite of all time is the hose hiding planter.  We store the garden hose in the planter out of sight but still accessible:
diy hose hiding outdoor planter

Sunday, May 15, 2016

DIY Number Marquee Sign

diy number marquee sign

Stopping in this Sunday to share how to make this DIY number marquee sign.  Last night I went to a friend's surprise 50th birthday party and decided I should bring something fun to add to the party.  

Just a few supplies and one afternoon to make this large '50' marquee sign:

diy number marquee sign

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I used a jigsaw to cut out the numbers and basic outdoor string globe lights.  The numbers are spray painted Rust-Oleum metallic gold so with lights on or off it still looks great:

diy light up number marquee sign

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wall Mounted Sink New Life

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

Hello friends, I am over the moon to share my master bathroom renovation with everyone and it all started with this wall mounted sink.

I actually found this sink (plus one more) outside the local art center last summer, if you follow me on Instagram you may recall I posted my find:

wall mounted sink master bathroom makeover

The sinks were headed to the dump and I knew I just had to take them home for a new life.

What once was a completely crusty, paint covered, abandoned old sink is now part of our master bathroom:

Friday, May 6, 2016

Smells Like Renovation

Chances are if you're a homeowner you will live through a renovation at some point.  Today I'm sharing 10 tips and 2 diy build projects from my renovation experiences.

10 tips & 2 builds before you begin renovation

#1: Find a guy (or gal).

Most likely you'll need a contractor.  Get quotes from 3 and go with your gut even it it's not the lowest quote.  You will be working with this person on your most important possession (next to your family), be sure it's someone you can trust and get along with.  Fingers crossed after the first job this will be "your guy" for every job going forward.  

#2  Your house will smell different and quite possibly your heart will be ripped out after the first day of demo.

Never fear it's ALWAYS worse before it's better and most everything is fixable.  Below is proof from our first kitchen renovation 6 years ago:

kitchen renovation

#3 Respect the tradesmen.

Second to your contractor these guys (and gals) work their butts off in manual labor to create a space for you so they deserve much praise and gratitude.

copper piping

The plumber on our bathroom renovation (post coming soon!) had a massive job of rerouting and snaking of pipes to connect the new with the old.  How beautiful is all that copper?

 #4 Be preparared for the worst.