Friday, April 29, 2016

$10 Tall Fence Picket Planter

diy $10 fence picket planter

Happy Friday friends - who's ready to beef up their outdoor space?  Today I'm sharing this $10 tall fence picket planter as part of the Great Outdoors Challenge organized by my friend Katie at Addicted 2 DIY.

great outdoors challenge

We've done a few of these group challenges and I have participated in the One Board Challenge, the Re-Purpose It Challenge, and the Organize Build Challenge.  Today is all about the great outdoors where we were challenged to spruce up our outdoor space using wood, concrete, metal, etc.  Seven DIY bloggers are participating and sharing their amazing projects: 

That's My Letter (you're here!)

diy $10 fence picket planter

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Master Bedroom Ceiling Makeover

Exposed wood beams in master bedroom

It's been a long time coming friends but today I'm finally sharing the master bedroom ceiling makeover.  We moved in to this 1740 saltbox farmhouse almost three years ago and I've always known I wanted to expose the ceiling beams in our bedroom so it's a huge project milestone to finally have this complete.

If you follow me on Instagram (you should it's fun!) then you've already seen a few sneak peeks of the exposed ceiling beams.  Below are more before and after pictures plus I'll share the complete process it took to uncover the beams.

Exposed wood beams in master bedroom

Typical to many antique homes we had low ceilings composed of plaster and lath which cover the ceiling beams (also known as floor joists for the upstairs flooring).  The plaster tends to crack over time and you can see from the picture above it's uneven, almost textured.  This plaster had a linen paper over it to keep the cracks under control.

I'm only sharing the next picture because I want you to see just how much things have changed.

Exposed wood beams in master bedroom

This MLS listing picture above is from October 2012 when the previous owners put the house on the market.  This is exactly how the master bedroom looked when I decided I wanted and needed to buy this house.

And now:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Color Stain Dresser Makeover

Dresser makeover using color stain

Wood purists avert your eyes because this dresser makeover using color stain is coming at you.  I had the chance to try Deco Art Americana Decor color stain and I thought what better place to add some color than my girls bedroom.  So I took the 16 drawer dresser I just built and used the color stain in kelly green, it's fun and bright and one of a kind.

unfinished 16 drawer dresser

Before it was unfinished pine and birch plywood just waiting for a finish. 

And now it's kelly green but you can still see a little bit of the wood grain peeking through the stain.  The stain is semi-transparent so tons of color but the wood will still be visible: 

Dresser makeover using color stain

The color stain is very easy to work with and much more controllable than a regular stain.  It's thick but still workable and has great coverage even with one coat.

color stain on unfinished pine

I did go back over in some spots with another coat just to even things up a bit.  Also the stain is self sealing so there's no need for a top coat.

Below you can truly see the difference in the before and after:

Dresser makeover using color stain
An easy way to add tons of color and character to any wood piece while not having to worry about brush strokes and dripping paint.  I definitely recommend trying Deco Art Americana Decor color stain, it's available in 21 colors at select JoAnn Fabric stores and good for indoor and outdoor use.

diy 16 drawer dresser free plans

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Deco Art. I was compensated and / or provided product for review however all thoughts, opinions and creative ideas are my own.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

DIY Pencil Banner

diy pencil banner

Teacher Appreciation Day is fast approaching and today I'm sharing this easy diy wood pencil banner you can make.  A little paint and some vinyl letters is all it takes to make this super cute gift that every teacher will want to hang on their door!

pencil banner teacher gift

teacher appreciation gift idea

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how to make a wood pencil banner

Step 1: Cut a 1x12 board as per dimensions above to make pencil shape.

painting a pencil

Step 2: Paint yellow pencil design on board.  Once dry add the pink eraser, silver metal band and black lead tip.

adhesive letters for pencil banner

Step 3: Apply adhesive letters as desired.

Step 4: Predrill two holes at top edge near sides, insert screw eye and twist in place.  Thread manila rope through screw eye and knot at top.


diy teacher pencil banner gift idea

I added a red heart using acrylic paint.  Hope you enjoyed this project and make a few for the teachers in your life.

diy scrap wood teacher gift ideas

Or how about a mason jar carrier for all those supplies?  The tutorial is here.

diy mason jar art supplies carrier

Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY Wood Letters Play Board

DIY wood letters play board

Scrap wood lovers I’ve got another project for you that makes a fun kids learning toy: wood letters play board.  Gather up all your 1x3 pieces to make the wood letters and paint them fun colors or use vinyl cutouts if you’re fancy!

DIY wood letters play board

Kids can easily move the letters around making different words.  I store the extra letters in this yellow diy art caddy (tutorial and plans here) but any bin will work.

DIY wood letters play board

I cut up a bunch of 1x3 scraps into square blocks and then painted different letters on the front.  Stain a piece of scrap plywood for the play board and then use Velcro®Brand Industrial Strength tape on the board and backs of each block.  Now the blocks are repositionable on the board and stay put until the kids are ready to rearrange the letters to make new words.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Swap It Like It's Hot: Flower & Chalkboard Magnets

It's time again for the Swap It Like It's Hot series where a bazillion bloggers swap thrift store finds and repurpose them into something a bit more functional and beautiful.  Huge thank you to Charlotte at Ciburbanity for organizing this whole series!

Larissa at Prodigal Pieces sent me a few fun finds and I ended up making the flower chalkboard magnets above for our refrigerator.  I sent some interesting items to Heather at Southern State of Mind, wonder how she repurposed them?  Go see!

Today there are 8 DIY bloggers sharing their Swap It items, be sure stop by each one for some amazing ideas!

Larissa at Prodigal Pieces sent me the above thrift store items.  For some reason I was really stumped as to how to transform these pieces so I started pulling apart the orange fabric flower.

Monday, April 4, 2016

DIY 16 Drawer Dresser free plans

Sometimes more is better, more drawers that is! and this 16 drawer dresser fits the bill:

DIY 16 drawer dresser free plans

Yes there are 16 individual drawers in this dresser - how fun is that?

I originally made this dresser for my girls: hair supplies, make up, nail polish, basically all the small bits that clutter up their room but I'm thinking Mommy might just keep it for herself.  It's a great dresser that could be used anywhere: office supplies, crafting papers, sewing notions, socks and undies, linens, etc.  

I posted the step by step instructions including free plans over at Build Something here.  It's a relatively simple build with a carcass and a ton of boxes, nothing too complicated.

For the hardware I used D.Lawless milk bottle oil rubbed bronze knobs and small antique brass label holders.  I have yet to apply a real finish, right now it's unfinished lumber but still looks great. 

DIY 16 drawer dresser free plans

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Build Something to bring you these plans.  All thoughts, opinions and creative ideas are my own.