Monday, May 1, 2017

DIY Wall Bins

diy wall bins

DIY wall bins for storage and organization.  Back at it again today Ana White and I are sharing another handmade holiday gift build that's great for any age.  Ana has the plans for these perfect sized wall bins sure to be a much appreciated gift for anyone.

handbuilt holiday

We're building our way towards the big day less than 5 weeks away!  Get started now on all your diy gift builds and your friends and family will be thanking you. 

diy wall bins for storage

Who needs cute storage?  Everyone!  I built these wall bins using Ana's plans here for two tween nieces but the finish options are endless and they would be great for boys, girls, adults or even in a nursery.

Borrowing from Land of Nod we used their Take Five Wall Bin as inspiration:

Land of Nod take five wall bin

Theirs is obviously made from metal, we built our version using wood boards and costs about $25 in supplies.

wall bins with striped background

The backing is inexpensive wrapping paper attached to 1/4" plywood using spray adhesive.
It makes a great contrast to the white bins.

interior of wall bins

profile view of wall bins

Ana's plans are very easy to follow step-by-step with all the cuts.  You'll need a jigsaw for this build to cut out the stepped side pieces and after that it all comes together quickly.

diy wall bins with floral wrapping paper

diy wall bins empty

diy wall bins storage pockets

diy wall bins storage pockets

How to make wall bins:

Follow Ana's plans here for lumber cuts.

wall bins sides

Step 1: Cut the sides using a jigsaw.

wall bin assembly

Step 2: Add the cross supports.
Step 3: Finish nail the front pocket pieces in place.  Then putty, sand & paint.

attach floral back to wall bins

Step 4: Before attaching the back board I used spray adhesive and wrapping paper to make a decorative background.

vinyl black numbers

Step 5: Find the center of each bin and apply 3" black numbers.  

diy wall bins collage

handbuilt holiday series 2014


  1. This is so cute! Love the fun patterned backing.

  2. Jaime I love this. And love the great use of wrapping paper. :)