Thursday, June 30, 2011

"B" is for Backpack

Canvas backpack with fat quarter fabric.

Kid size.

With a monogram because EVERYTHING must be personalized these days.

These are for my niece and nephew.
A little summer fun gift.

Here's how I made the backpacks:

1. Using the basic pattern from here cut out your pieces.

From the canvas cut: back, front, front flap and straps

From the fat quarter cut: back, side piece (in 2 halves), front flap and straps

Plus fusible interfacing for all pieces.

2. Sew your straps, right sides together of one canvas and one print then press open, press seam allowance in for other side and straight stitch.

3.  Attach straps to canvas back piece, I also added a loop of canvas at top.

4. Sew side piece all around back piece:

5. Flat line the back print piece to the canvas (on the interior of the backpage), then zig zag (or serge) all along the seam allowance for less fraying:

5. I top stitched along the side sections for a more finished look, optional:

6. Prepare front canvas piece with initial monogram and fold over twice and top stitch top edge:

7. Sew front piece to side piece and top stitch on side piece:

8. Prepare front flap piece by sewing right sides together and adding ric rac detail:

9. Attach front flap to side piece at top, lining up to be centered.

I used big snaps on these backpacks.
Magnetic purse closures would be great if you remember to insert them before construction.

Detail of the hook feature:

I made one girl and one boy version:

The straps make for a fun detail:

To make it fun for my kids at the fabric shop I let them each pick a half yard of fun fabric and then promise to make something with it.

They got the prototype backpacks, I used big buttons for the closure on theirs:

Making some fun summer memories.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"L" is for Lemonade

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade painted sign.

It's that time of year, who can resist a little lemonade.

I painted this fun sign for the shop.

Here's some pics of the process:

1. Using an old tongue and groove cabinet door (secured with mending plates on the back) I painted it off white.

Then lime green for the LEMONADE:

2. Then fushia for the fresh squeezed:

3. Keep layering colors and add pitcher and lemons detail.
4. Sand to distress.
5. Stain with Minwax antique walnut and seal with satin poly.

A few detail shots:

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

"R" is for Rocking Chair

A rocking chair makeover.

Complete with striped cushion.

This was a black beauty with lovely gold detailing:

But the black had to go for something a little more fresh:

Here's how I did it:

1. Sand off old finish:

2. Paint 3 coats off white paint.
3. Sand to distress.
4. Stain with Minwax cherry.
5. Apply Minwax wipe on poly satin finish.

For the cushion:

1. Make a paper template of the seat area:

2. Be sure to mark on the template where your ties need to attach to the chair:
(see yellow arrows)

3. Prepare your fabric.  I used canvas drop cloth taped to the floor.
Use masking tape to mark off stripes and stencil in with navy paint:

4. Let stripes dry and heat set with hot, dry iron:

5. Fold fabric in half so fold is on the outer front edge of the cushion, line up stripes and position paper template:

6. Cut fabric leaving at least 1" border around edges:
(need to allow for fill)

7. Refold fabric placing right sides together, position and pin ties as per marks on your template:

8. Sew cushion shut, be sure to leave an opening for filling then straight stitch shut.

Over time the cushion will become less dense as people sit on it.

Use ties to secure in place.

Now where to put this beauty?

One last side by side:

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