Sunday, February 27, 2011

"M" is for Memory Match

Memory match game turned into a birthday banner (and more!).

In our house when my kids are done with a toy that still has life the options are:
1. save for Lily
2. donate
3. repurpose

This memory match game got the repurpose option.

The dimuative little wooden square was just too cute to give away so I made girl #2 a birthday banner.

Here's how I made the banner:

1. Lightly sand animal off the front and wipe with damp cloth:

2. Apply paper using mod podge, once dry sand off excess paper around edges:

3. For the lettering I printed mine onto cardstock and cut out a square shape to mimic wood block:
(I'm sure those swanky machines have a bazillion options for vinyl letters which might be easier.)

4. Apply letter using mod podge and seal up paper:
(Repeat this process for other side!)

* At this point I sanded again and wiped with stain for a rustic, worn look but you could stop here.

5. Pre-drill hole into center of top edge for screw eye hook:
(I used a 1/16" bit.)

6. Screw in eye hook:

7. Thread onto string (I used jute rope) and hang:

And I can easily untie the rope to change out the name for girl #1 when it's her birthday.
And the back side is boy colors for buddy boy's birthday.

A little birthday decoration made from a memory match game.

The before and after:
Of course I didn't stop there.
With the extra blocks I made a banner for St. Pat's:
(On the back is Christmas.)

And a monogram tag for some friends:

Be sure the think twice about your kids toys before you do away with them - all those little pieces can be repurposed into something great!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

"G" is for Goody Bags #2

Easter goody bags

These are for Buddy boy's classmates at their Easter party.

Here's how I made them:

1. Start with blank pencil holders:

2. Print out the words, make egg shape template, trace onto each label and cut out:

3. Apply label to colored backing paper with double stick tape and cut out with scalloped scissors:

4. Make two slits between words for ribbon with exacto knife:

5. Decide ribbon length based on pencil holder circumference, feed ribbon through labels:

6. Wrap ribbon around and glue (I used fabri-tac), hold with binder clip. 
**Only glue ribbon to ribbon at overlap, DO NOT glue to pencil holder in order to slide the ribbon down or remove later for kids to decorate pencil holder.

7. All set and ready to fill:

8. Fill with goodies (no I did not include any pencils, we have about 1000 already).
We used flower lollipops, swirly straws, pixie sticks and grow capsules.

9. Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon.

We lined them up on the turf runner for fun.

They looked so springy and fresh (a bit preppy but that wasn't planned).

But we need to get them to school so into the crate they go:

And I couldn't resist the cute little flower lollies sticking out of the crate in front:

Happy Easter kids!

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